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August 21, 2012

Hair Scrunchies

Hi guys! 
   I've just spent a great time at Jericho beach shooting the new collection for Umphy! Actually this is a hair scrunchies.. and I love them, really)) 
   They more casual and suitable on every day then on some special event, however, I beleive that you'll like to dress them with your summer dress.. especially if you are blue-teal addicted *)

   Believe me, It's not easy to shoot stuff if it is windy and crowded))

   But I like the final result and that expirience))

   Hah, you know, Canada is very animal-friendly country. *) And it seems to me these seagulls know about that)) That evening all beach laughed at one guy who tried gently drive away a very curious bird that didn't leave him alone for at least half an hour ))) The Seagull felt responsibility to smell his beer and may even
drink it, which that boy awfully tried to hide *)
   Come to us in Vancouver, we have fun here))

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