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My name is Anna and this is all about my passion- jewelry and my life in amazing city Vancouver.

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August 06, 2012

About me

    Greetings my dear friends!

   I am happy to welcome you in my small cozy blog *) Lets start?
   My name is Anna and I was born on Easter, so this fact makes my name even more significant *)
      I am brunette and my native language is Russian. Feel free to write me or ask on our mother tongue! *)) I live in Canada in the most beautiful and rainy cities- Vancouver.
   I am a designer and decorator with a plenty of passions. Polymer clay modelling is the most global of them *) As a result, I am the owner of  my lovely brainchild Umphy *)
   I believe that the beauty will save the world, so I try to surround space and mind with embellishments. I also believe, that every single person is unique, therefore it is so exciting to meet and get to know each other. That is why I endeavor to create accessories that will emphasize on you, but not be an accent! This is the motto of the Umphy.
   All creative and talented people are inspire me, especially with a sense of humor *) So let's get acquainted! Please, write me briefly about yourself, your passions, life values, or just make me an offer I could not refuse *)

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