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September 09, 2012

About our website

Hi internet! *)
   Perhaps you have visited our website http://umphy.com/ However, maybe just few of us know its beginning *)
   As a matter of fact, just two people were created this site: my husband & I. Indeed, it was tough task! To create the structure, adjust the payment-order-discount-shipping systems; colors-logo-banners and the production eventually.. and everything fromthis list is not just a matter of minutes, but the huge blocks, which must be 'raised'. I hope we did it perfectly *)

   This one have taken a long time! The name should clearly describe the function of the jewelry store- the desire to make every girl unique, to give them the opportunity to show their individuality, to pick up a decent jewelry for every day, or for special occasions'UMPHY' means in slang 'charming', 'sexy'.. this is exactly what is laid in every girl! Also, we 'strung' the beads on the first letter 'U', so it made our logo *)

   It was much more difficult with colors. Usually this kind of sites made of safe white colors. But we choosed the other way! What kind of store it is, with a strong slogan to make girls bright & individual, when the design of their website shows how they are afraid of colors and its combinations!?

   No, we're not one of those, we know the chromatics and are not afraid to combine colors. Therefore, to a more or less neutral gray and green, we added a bright pink fucus.. and the site became a juicy *))


   On Umphy you can find the special earrings, elegant bracelets, amazing pendants, funny hair scrunchies. And very soon silver and goldfilled jewelry will apper there, as the best alternative to the monotonous of jewelry *)

   We provide worldwide shipping via Canadapost, air. The price depends on the region and the weight. There is no refund, sorry. But you can get really great discount. Be sure to read as you can to get it!
As a result, we selebrated Umphy B-Day on July, 20! Yeeeh))

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