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September 07, 2012

How to get a discount on Umphy

Umphy provides several ways to get a really great discount!

1. On our website you can find category 'SALE'. Once a week we choose random items and make a discount, but note that all these deals are temporary!

2. You can get up to $5 OFF for your ad on public social websites as twitter, facebook, blog or personal website. Please read details here.

3. Sometimes we announce good deals on our instagram profile, which we do not write on our website. Don't forget follow us there (@umphycom) and be the first to get a bargain!

4. If you are lucky, you can receive a coupon code for good discount, if

    1. You can make serious ad (f.e. youtube)
    2. Meet with us and receive our business card

5. Follow ous news on twitter, facebook, instagram, blogger to be abreast of the news, because we always come up with something new that you were satisfied with the purchase *)


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